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Asked once why his job was so important, the then Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs answered: “Because for us, as a small country, the rest of the world is so big”. A similar answer could be given to the question why the UPU is so important for the Netherlands: “While we are only 17 million people, there are 7.3 billion people around the world who need to be connected by postal services”. 

For a country like the Netherlands, with huge interests in international trade and commerce, it is vital to be active in the UPU, the organization that is responsible for the functioning of the international postal network. This explains why the Netherlands is one of the UPU’s founding members, with a UPU track record that stretches back 132 years.

Support for The Netherlands is support for a common cause

The Netherlands is happy to share its expertise and experience and is willing to continue its ‘hands-on’ and ‘result-oriented’ efforts, aimed at quicker and more efficient throughput of mail flows without compromising quality of services goals. You can count on the Netherlands and its designated operator Royal PostNL to deliver what you promised to your customers. Moreover, you can count on the Netherlands as a reliable and committed partner for the future work of the UPU. Your vote for the Netherlands as a POC member means support for a country that acts as a team player, and is willing to work with you to create innovative solutions for a sustainable postal sector future.


The Netherlands as a gateway to Europe

Situated on the North Sea coast in North Western Europe, one of the Netherlands’ greatest assets is its location. In the 17th century the country took full advantage of its connection with the sea, becoming a maritime super power: around 10,000 Dutch trading ships reached the four corners of the globe during that Golden Age. The Netherlands went on to become a gateway to Europe, and remains so to this day. Rotterdam is Europe’s most important port. Rivers, canals and a modern and dense infrastructure of roads and railways connect it with the major countries and cities in North, West and Central Europe. And the country’s main airport, Amsterdam Schiphol, is one of the top-5 airports in Europe and fulfills a gateway function for international (air) mail.

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The Netherlands, well known for it’s capital Amsterdam, has a surface area of 41.543 km² with 17 million people living in a multicultural society. Despite being a small country, Dutch influences can be found all over the world. Think about famous Dutch artists of the past like Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh or today’s music scene, with DJ’s like Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiësto.

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