General restrictions and limitations

Addressing and attachments

To avoid unnecessary delays, please make sure that your mail or parcels are addressed correctly. Note that for certain deliveries you will be required to fill out a customs form. 

Address Specifications per Country

Please add the addressee’s phone number when addressing your mail item. This will allow the local postal service to contact the addressee in case of problems (in some countries).

Customs forms for non-EU deliveries

For international deliveries outside the European Union, you are required to fill out a customs form. Use a CN 22 form if the total value of your shipment is less than € 425. Otherwise a CN 23 form should be used.

Include an invoice

In the case of commercial shipments, be sure to attach an invoice. This can be done easily using special self-adhesive envelopes. In most cases, adding an invoice will prevent your shipment from being opened by customs officers.

Written permission

Certain deliveries require you to obtain official permission from the authorities of the country of destination. For instance in the case of valuable items such as money, precious stones, coins and collectable documents.

Prohibited substances and goods

Excise goods (Cigarettes/tobacco)

It is not permitted to send cigarettes and other tobacco products abroad by mail. This includes destinations within the European Union. Please note that local import restrictions may apply for alcohol, perfumes etc.