Registered Mail

Your valuable or important items safely delivered abroad

Choose our Registered Mail service to send your valuable or important items with complete peace of mind. Registered Mail is also an affordable alternative for items (up to 2 kg) that require tracking. In the event of loss or damage, you will receive compensation up to € 50.

Larger or heavier items? More options for parcel delivery.

The benefits of Registered Mail

  • Track your parcel using our online tracking service*
  • Addressee is required to sign for delivery
  • Proof of posting as standard
  • Up to € 50 compensation in the event of loss or damage
* View tracking availability per country

How does it work?

Registered Mail gives you the added security of proof of posting and confirmation of delivery. This way you can be sure that delivery has been completed.

Registered Mail rates are calculated based on the number of items per shipment. Please contact us for more information about rates.

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If something goes wrong

We take the utmost care to ensure that your registered mail is delivered in perfect condition. Occasionally, however, items may be lost or damaged in transit. In the event of loss or damage, we kindly ask you to contact your account manager. Consumers who wish to report a missing or damaged item are advised to contact the seller directly.

Depending on the outcome of our investigation and shipment value, we will award compensation up to € 50 per item.

Please note that in order to qualify for compensation, you will be required to show proof of posting.