Optional extras

Added convenience for you and your customers

We offer a number of additional services designed to make life easier for you and your customers.

Pick-up & delivery options

Our retail network allows customers to specify how and where they want to receive their parcel when placing their order online. With over 2,600 retail locations in the Benelux (most of which are open Saturday and feature long opening hours), customers have plenty of choice where and when they wish to pick up their order. Alternatively, they can pick up their order 24/7 at one of the specially designed parcel lockers located at most major train stations in the Netherlands. Of course customers can also simply choose to have their orders delivered to a home or work address. 

For more information about pick-up & delivery options, please contact us.

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Save time and effort with our dedicated dispatch software. Parcelware is designed to complement and support your ordering system, creating a streamlined dispatch process.

The benefits of Parcelware

  • Prepare parcels for shipment quickly and easily 
  • Easily integrated into existing business processes and systems 
  • Free software

How does it work

Follow these steps to prepare your parcels for shipment.

  1. Log on to Parcelware to register your parcels. Parcelware is available in a web-based version or as downloadable software for your PC. This way you can access your outgoing deliveries regardless of your location.
    Once registration of your parcels is complete, your customers will receive an e-mail confirmation which includes a direct link to our online tracking service. 
  2. Print the required labels and documents 
  3. Follow your parcels using our online tracking service 

For more information about Parcelware, please contact us.

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