Parcel shipments to China

Easy and reliable shipment solutions to China

For destination China we offer two solutions that are specially designed for businesses and online retailers that regularly send parcels to China. Our solutions contain dedicated services that are adjusted to the Chinese market and supported by a China Helpdesk including Chinese native speakers. Moreover, we offer a fully integrated tracking of your parcels that is also viewable in Chinese characters.

Find our two solutions for destination China below

Parcels non-EU Plus

Parcels non-EU Plus is a reliable solution for parcel shipments, containing a dedicated handling service. Parcels are shipped via the reliable priority network EMS, distributed by our network partner China Post. Currently, Parcels non-EU Plus is only available for destination China.

Direct Parcel

Direct Parcel is our newest solution for parcel shipments to China. Direct Parcel is specially designed for e-commerce webshops selling B2C products directly from Europe to China.

Parcels non-EU Plus

As one of our fastest growing international parcel flows, Parcels non-EU Plus offers an even better customized fit to our customers for parcel shipments.

With Parcels non-EU Plus we offer a dedicated handling service for your parcels that are shipped via the reliable priority network EMS, distributed by our network partner China Post. Shipments are checked randomly by Customs in China.

Currently, Parcels non-EU Plus is only available for destination China.

How does it work?

Follow these steps to send your shipment 

  1. Make sure your parcels meet the size and weight requirements
    Max. size: 150 x 50 x 100 cm (length x width x height)
    Max. weight: 20 kg
  2. Prepare your parcels for shipment
    Pick, pack and label your parcels using our software or your own integrated labelling software.
  3. Hand over your parcels for delivery
    How and where to hand over your parcels depends on your location. Alternatively, we can also collect them if you prefer. Feel free to contact us for more information. 
  4. Follow your parcels using our online tracking service
    Our tracking system shows you the latest information about the delivery status of your parcel(s). This way you will know exactly when delivery has been completed.

What does it cost?

Parcels non-EU Plus rates for China are calculated based on item weight and number of items per shipment. For exact rates, contact us for more information.

Customs import regulations for China

As with most countries, regulations governing the import of goods on China's domestic market are bound. Please note the Customs regulations and documentation requirements for imports in China.

Customs Documentation Requirements

  • Each parcel sent to China must have a fully completed Customs declaration form. There are two types of forms depending on the weight of the parcel and total value of its content. 
  • A CN22 form is required for parcels weigh 2kg or less and the content value up to €425.
  • A CN23 form is required for parcels from > 2kg and the content value exceeds €425.
  • For parcels with a value above €1,000 it is mandatory to submit an Export Customs declaration form. An export declaration is also required for declarations to which any other special obligations apply. 
  • PostNL can submit the required Customs declaration forms for you when necessary.

More information about export terms 

  • Sales invoice
    For commercial items, we suggest you to include the sales invoice along with the other required documents above to accelerate the clearance process. 
  • Value HS codes
    All goods shipped abroad are classified into a tariff code, which is agreed at global level. The tariff codes are linked to tax percentages. The tax percentage depends on the kind of product shipped/imported in the country of destination. Upon arrival in country of destination the amount of import duties is based on the customs value plus the level of percentage of the tariff code.

More information about tariff codes 

Please note that the exporter of goods is responsible for supplying all of the right content, documentation and HS code classification.

Tax & Import duties - China

China charges tax and import duties that are applicable on the majority of imports. The amount of tax and import duties is assessed on the value of the goods, including packing charges, freight, insurance premiums and other service charges (Customs value). However, there is a tax exemption applicable for tax amounts below 50RMB.

For instance: the shipping content is taxed on 15% by the Customs. The total content value is determined on 333RMB. 15% tax on 333RMB = 49.95RMB and benefits from the tax exemption.

Prohibited items

China has an official list of goods that are not allowed to be imported. This ‘negative list’ can be found on the website of the Chinese government. 

For questions concerning the Customs regulations for China you are welcome to contact us for advice.

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