Direct Parcel

Direct Parcel is our newest solution for parcel shipments to China. Direct Parcel is specially designed for e-commerce shops selling B2C products directly from Europe to China.
Direct Parcel shipments are based on commercial Customs terms which means the clearance for Customs is done before the parcel arrives in China to accelerate the speed of handling. This results in faster transit times and lower shipping rates. Direct Parcel is ideal for direct sellers and e-commerce webshops who regularly send parcels to China.
Your items will be shipped from The Netherlands and handed over to our local partner (FAR Logistics) for clearance. After clearance, the parcel is handed over to the last-mile carrier (SF Express) who is well-known for their high-quality delivery service in China.

How does it work?

Follow these steps to send your shipment

  1. Make sure your parcels meet the size and weight requirements
    Max. size: 150 x 50 x 100 cm (length x width x height)
    Max. weight: 20 kg
  2. Provide all the required data for pre-clearance
    To ensure smooth Customs procedures, it is mandatory to provide all the required data and documentation for pre-clearance. All content must match 100% with the data (for more details, read about Pre-Clearance Requirements below). 
  3. Prepare your parcels for shipment
    Pick, pack and label your parcels, and enter the data for pre-alert by using our software or your own integrated labelling software.
  4. Hand over your parcels for delivery
    How and where to hand over your parcels depends on your location. Alternatively, we can also collect them if you prefer. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  5. Follow your parcels using our online tracking service
    Our tracking system shows you the latest information about the delivery status of your parcel(s). This way you will know exactly when delivery has been completed.

What does it cost?

Direct Parcel rates for destination China are calculated based on item weight and number of items per shipment. For the exact rates, contact us for more information.

Customs import regulations for China

The import rules for Direct Parcel significantly differ from our Parcels Non EU Plus solution. Shipping e-commerce parcels are based on commercial terms and strict Customs regulations by the Chinese government, that result in smooth clearance procedures and faster transit times.

Pre-Clearance Requirements

Commercial Customs clearance demands pre-registration and extensive documentation including 100% specification of goods, sender, receiver and value per shipment. Per shipment, the following data for pre-clearance is required:

  • 100% specification of goods: EAN code of the product + description (amount and value per item). 
  • URL of website of purchase. 
  • ID number and telephone number of the recipient.
Please note that the sender is responsible for the content and data, and is required to provide all the right documentation.

Tax & Import duties - China

All e-commerce imported goods are regulated under the China Customs terms and require duty payment. For Direct Parcel as a commercial B2C parcel solution, a recipient is always required to pay import duties.

The tax rates are based on different applied product categories for imported goods to China.

Prohibited items

China has an official list of goods that are not allowed to be imported. This ‘negative list’ can be found on the website of the Chinese government.

For questions concerning the Customs regulations for China you are welcome to contact us for advice.

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