Parcels EU

Fast and reliable delivery to any EU destination

Parcels EU is ideal for businesses and online retailers that regularly send parcels to destinations inside the EU. We work closely with selected delivery partners, which means your customers will receive their parcels from a trusted local courier. Thanks to online tracking, the delivery process is fully transparent.

Destination outside the EU? We recommend Parcels non-EU

The benefits of Parcels EU

  • Fast and reliable
  • Exceptional rates and easy-to-understand pricing structure¬†
  • One delivery partner for all your deliveries to and within the EU
  • Fully trackable service

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How does it work?

Follow these steps to send your Parcels EU shipment.

  1. Make sure your parcels meet the size and weight requirements
    Max. size: 300 cm (length + width + height)
    Max. length: 175 cm
    Max. weight: 31.5 kg
  2. Prepare your parcels for shipment
    Pick, pack and label your parcels using our Parcelware dispatch software or your own integrated labelling software. 
  3. Hand over your parcels for delivery
    How and where to hand over your parcels depends on your location. Alternatively, we can also collect them if you prefer. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  4. Follow your parcels using our online tracking service
    Our tracking system shows you the latest information about the delivery status of your parcel(s). This way you will know exactly when delivery has been completed.

What does it cost?

Parcels EU rates are calculated based on item weight, number of items per shipment, and country of destination. 

Please note that in many cases we are able to provide a tailored solution, which means you may qualify for a discount depending on your needs.

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